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Family Law

Consensual and contentious divorce, marriage license, return of engagement presents due to breach of promise, pecuniary and non-pecuniary claims for damages, legitimation of paternity correction, paternity suit, alimony case, child adoption case, case regarding protection of family, family deed restriction/cancellation of restriction on the official title registry of the shared dwelling, case about return of articles (especially jewelry) due to divorce.


Law of Inheritance

Preparation of inheritance contract, obtaining certificate of inheritance, record keeping in inheritance, renunciation of inheritance, cancellation of deed and land registration case due to disinheritance of the inheritors in order to protect reserved shares, revocation of testament, case of action for reduction and repayment of legacy, share of capital obtained through sale of assets in heritage among inheritors, case for prevention of participating state among inheritors.


Real Estate Law

Purchase and sale of real estate, rental contracts, case of civil nuisance, case for cancellation of deed and registration, acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Turkey either by a real person or by a legal entity, research in public enterprises regarding property intended to be acquired, establishment of easement and right of mortgage on the property, case of correcting and altering architectural projects, preparation of contracts regarding transfer of property as a means of safeguard.


Law of Contracts

Preparation of rental contract, recognizance contract, contract of sale, contract of work, contract of employment, deed of gift, construction contract, building contract in provision of allotment and other related contracts; resolving contractual disputes.


Company Law

Preparation of trade agreements, articles of organization, documents related to establishment of a legal corporation, conducting liquidation process and performing related transactions, actualizing required applications to public enterprises on behalf of the firm, trade negotiations and reconciliation, contracts of dealership and agency business, launching a branch and a contact office.


Law of Execution

Pursuance of bankruptcy and enforcement in order to collect receivables, levying attachment, pursuance of foreigners’ receivables in Turkey, protection of clients rights against a case of enforcement proceedings; negative declaratory action, restitution claim, action of objection, and action of recovery on account of enforcement proceedings against clients, case for cancellation of objection, prosecution of bill of exchange through order of attachment, release of attachment, prosecution based on loan agreement.


Rental Law

Preparation of rental agreements, case for rent determination and increase of rent rate, resolution of incompatibilities stems from rental agreements, eviction case.


Internet Law

Protection of rights regarding domain names, case for material and moral indemnities due to violation of personal rights through Internet, prosecution of cyber crimes, using data at the Internet as a product of evidence.


Criminal Law

Crimes related to rise of a building against reconstruction law, criminal libel, prosecution of lawsuit against penal proceedings of workers in building audit firms.


International Law

Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions, preparation of contracts in English and German language, process of application to public enterprises and pursuance of transactions in these enterprises.


Traffic Law

Material and moral indemnities and claims inflicted from traffic accidents.